Saturday, July 14, 2012

My womanifesto.

I am, I am... what am I? The very subject I should be most familiar with and I find myself at a loss of words. Why is this so hard to write? Am I filled with doubt? Does some self hate still dwell in my heart? The truth is I can't ever fully answer these questions, I don't know if anyone can, but what I can do is make a choice. Today I chose self love. Today I chose to define my complex complicated self with all the acceptance in the world. Today I chose to be my whole beautiful, flawed, exceptional self.

My womanifesto.
I am what I am.
I am a finite creature of infinite possibility.
I am a puzzle of pieces yet to be solved.
I am free will.

I am the beauty of the sky above me,
I am the grit of the ground below my feet.
I am a woman, exquisite, eternal, and ever evolving.

I am strong like the hardest steel.
I am soft like the finest silk.
I am my character, crafted carefully of a compassionate heart, a brilliant mind, and a body born to breathe life into this world.
I am bold I am brash I am brave.
I am subtle I am sure I am serene.
I am a woman, a sight, a sound, a sensation.

I am unique I am eloquent I am awesome.
I am light like a feather,
yet I bear the weight of the world on my back.
I build up, I break down, I mourn the wreckage.
I am the deepest joy and the darkest sorrow.
My heart knows no bounds.
I'm a mother, a lover, a child.
I am a woman, brazen, brittle and becoming.

I am the seasons, ever changing.
I am each new day, full of promise.
I am yesterdays lessons.
I am the hope of tomorrow.
I am alive only in this moment, here and now.
I am eternal.
I am a woman.

I am what I am not.
I am not weak I am not afraid I am not silent.
I am not willing to conform.
I am not the status quo.
I am not what you want me to be.
I am not willing to lose myself in you.
I am not a half of a whole.
I am not yours.
I am not what could or should or would have been.
I am not more than or less than you are.
I am not the sum of my parts.
I am not a role that I play.
I am not you.

I am what I am.
I am what I do.
I am what I chose to be.

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  1. this is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever read.