Monday, August 8, 2011

A stab at storytelling

… it is thus by these simple acts that we survive what life deals us…

     “Just guess what I brought?!” Jenna looks over at me inquiringly, looking pleased with herself, “I brought ice cream!” she declares and my heart wells a little in my chest. I think fondly of Ella and how she’s always found a way to cheer me up with ice cream at all the right times. I miss that girl, I should call her soon. “This is gonna be great.” I smile at Jenna, feeling grateful for a friend.
     I had been lying in bed, contemplating whether my current state of lethargy was due to depression, or allergies, or some lethal combination of the two when the phone rang. About to ignore it and proceed with my mid-day nap, I remembered that Jenna and I had talked about doing something today. I fight back the antisocial urges and pick up. After 10 minutes of deliberation and indecision we’ve decided on renting the latest vampire series, and picking up a pizza. I have some trouble feeling excited, but I know its better to not be alone with myself, besides that it doesn’t take any work to be with Jenna, she’s comfortable.
     I drive the three blocks to her place and we set off in our pajamas, each harboring our own version of a determination to be well. I remind myself that the struggle to just be ok is always worth it at the end of the day. This particular day had been rough on us both; Jenna had fought with Jared and was afraid she was on the losing side of her endless struggle to keep their tenuous long distance love alive. Jared was a carney by trade, living in China currently but in Texas this week due to a family emergency. Their fight had been about his unwillingness to travel half a state to see her. And me, well I had accepted failure in the last college course I’d still been fighting for. Needless to say the day had left us both feeling a little helpless and more than a little hopeless.
     We head first to Home Video. Probably the last real video shop in an age of redboxes and Netflix, Home boasted a extensive and eclectic blend of VHS and DVD flicks, ranging from foreign to contemporary, to a room designated ‘adults only’. Without much browsing we pick up the first couple disks of Season 1, and head on our way. We arrive shortly after at my place, armed with pizza, DVDs and all the fixins for some kick ass ice cream sundaes.
     As Jenna pulls from her bag of tricks fudge sauce, chocolate candies, and a small jar of maraschino cherries I start the first episode, and arrange the pizza box on the middle of the bed. There are no pretenses here, just a comfortable afternoon shared between friends. We watch intently, and finish the pizza between shared glances of honest anticipation and surprise at all the right moments. And then the sundaes…
     Allow me to pause here for a moment to give proper credit to the magic of a good bowl of ice cream. A good bowl of ice cream can be considered nothing less than medicine for the soul, wellness for the heart, and a bit of peace of mind. Back in vamp land I savor each and every bite of our sundae creations, and am grateful for the sweetness this world can sometimes hold.
     Satiated and lazy we finish the DVDs and come out of it all feeling much better. “I’m so glad we have each other” I tell her as we part, and she agrees. It’s just before dark when I bring her home. We’ll have to rise at 4 am tomorrow and do it all over again. The though of this is certainly daunting but in this moment everything seems to be ok, perhaps even me.


  1. this made me laugh aloud.

    how i love you.
    and us.

    vampires forever.

  2. I love the story and magical ice cream. :)
    Miss you!