Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i've been here before

i've been here before
this place, this feeling, this impending sense of doom in my heart,
oh lord i've been here before,
this fatally familiar sensation
and i know that i know this place.
i watch ever so helplessly as you withdraw further into yourself
to reason is as futile as a carwash in the rain
i have no voice here in this place.
my heart has swelled and spilled over onto you
in response your fear has welled
and is pushing into me
and where will we be when the tides roll out
baby i fear there's nowhere to go from here.

i've been here before
in this space where im in love with an idea
where i'm waiting on the possibility of a potential which may never come to fruition
in the space where what if's and if only's help me sleep at night
when the truth is he wont and he doesnt,
but does the fact that i can see the trap reneder it any less deadly?
the castle of hope begins crumbling down upon me
revealing it was only i who dwelt in there
and now stands alone in a bed of rubble

i've been here before
watching as that piece of me that i gave to you so cautiously
dies slowly as the walls are built up around it
suffocating in a fortress of self preservation
hiding from the demons i've allowed to breach the gates
and you, you coast along listlessly
undisturbed by the chaos which encompasses me
and when the cycle has completed itself i shall be just as wiathdrawn as you are now
and you'll wonder what happened
what happened here?

hear i'll say, baby there is no here here
there is only nowhere, where our hearts intersect.
oh lord, oh lord.
i've been here before.

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  1. the last paragraph is music.

    melancholy, trudging up hill, big rock candy mountain music.

    you should watch this. the whole thing: