Saturday, March 10, 2012


"I think he's aware of the inevitability of our path." The words rolled so smoothly off my tongue that I reached for a pen to write them down. "It's too good not to preserve" I say, scribbling the words down on a pad from my purse. Jenna just rolls her eyes ever so slightly and the conversation resumes. We're seated across from each other in the back patio of the cafe, sipping coffee and rehashing for the umpteenth time Jenna's favorite topic of mine. I saw Nash for the first time in months, and now he's all I can think about, all I want to talk about, hell all I want period. Jenna having been raked through this rodeo with me more than once is justifiably trepidatious. It's certainly a primary duty of a best friend to protect our little pink hearts when we ourselves may be careless with them. What can I say though, he is and always has been the greatest love of my life and we trend to let our guards down when it comes to these. I suppose for perspective I should tell you the whole story, you can judge for yourself...

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