Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A call from depression

Today, a day, like any day, I wake, I dress, I drive. I arrive at work at 8 am and I stay until 5 pm. Yes today is a day like any day. Today's days differ so much from yesterday's days it's hard to know I'm still living the same life. Sometimes life gives me reminders of what it used to be like. Today I spoke with someone in the grip of depression, and it was like looking into a mirror of my past. I heard words my very lips have spoken, but I heard them in a different voice. I heard the depths of sorrow and hopelessness I have known dwelling in the heart of another. There was nothing I could do to relieve the burden depression brings and I found myself feeling small and helpless in the face of it, just like I always have. Something else arose in me though, through the teary voice of that stranger, gratitude rose up inside me in unmanageable waves. I may know every dark corner of that deep dark well, but today I'm living on more solid ground, in a place where the sun can shine. In all that hurt my heart felt emerged the knowledge that my heart hurts less and less these days.

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  1. I found myself feeling small and helpless in the face of it...

    I love that part the most.