Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chasing storm clouds

It's a Saturday afternoon and the sky is pregnant with rain, moments from pouring cleansing clarity from its womb all over these dirty desert streets. I'm on my way to meet the man my mind seems to so dearly love and I'm nervous like a teen on prom night. I'm driving east, ever east and the sky darkens with each passing mile. I feel as though I'm chasing those storm clouds, begging for the rain to beset itself upon me and feeling ever unfulfilled as the sky continues to darken yet maintain it's hold on all that water. I'm seated in a corner of the crowded cafe staring out the window when the rain finally comes. And come it does, a torrential downpour ensues, drenching everything in it's path. I sit safely inside sipping my coffee and it's all I can do to keep myself from running out into that falling rain. I want to stand in the middle of all that water and feel it wash away everything but my very essence. I'm daydreaming of baptizing myself in the storm when he arrives. And there we are looking into each other as the rest of the world begins to fall away. Suddenly all the chatter seems to silence and I can only see him. We begin to exchange words and small talk is short lived. The hour glass has already begun to tick away our time together, and we get right down to the way things are. We lay all our things out on that table and the picture is all to clear. Independently but mutually we've reached the same conclusion, that now is not our time. It hurts my heart. The truth we've unearthed, which lie there before us is that there is not a space for our love to grow in right now. I don't like it, and he doesn't like it, and neither of us want it to be true, but the truth will be the truth despite our deepest wishes, such is the nature of truth. The truth is that to wait is the only honest and honorable thing to do. We look longingly at each other over this chasm of truth, and I'm only vaguely aware of his words when he starts to speak again. He's saying something about a public display of affection and how he hates it, and I just barely catch him say "l have to do this" as he starts to stand. He walks to my seat and gazes down at me, placing his hand gently on my face. His hand feels soft on my skin, and I look up at him just as the rest of the world seems to fade off into oblivion. There is only he and I, and this moment, and nothing more. He leans in towards me and I close my eyes. My heart beat quickens in anticipation and my lips part ever so slightly as they meet his. His lips fold gently around mine and pause there, as if to savor every sweet sensation. I could have stayed in that kiss for an eternity. He lingers for a moment before he moves slowly and reluctantly away. For an instant we're frozen in that moment, our cheeks touching gently, the pull of or hearts almost unbearable. He stands and walks away and I watch him go. A tear falls from my eye as my lips still vibrate with the electricity of that kiss. I feel like I know for the first time in my life what a kiss should feel like, and to know that it may stand alone for all time breaks my heart.

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