Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'The elephant in the room' or 'brainsex' as it may be

I met the elephant today, you know, the one in the middle of the room. All I can say is that was a lot to take in. It makes me think of an old saying in AA, how do you eat an elephant? The answer being one bite at a time. So how do I digest a metaphorical elephant? Bit by bit I suppose, maybe even one word at a time. So here I am again, just me and my words and so many thoughts to sort out. Where do I even begin? But of course I begin with you, because you are the matter at hand. Amidst all the chaos and conjecture in my mind I try desperately to sort out the facts, as though something empirical might save me from drowning in this flood. I strain to sort the truth from the fiction and am left only with the sensation that a fact is merely a supposition I've decided to believe in. So let me begin again. What do I believe to be real? I believe that my brain loves the way your brain works, and I believe that this is mutual. I believe that our discourse is like such sensual intercourse, between our brains of course. I believe that words hold more power than we give them credit for and beneath their force our fragile human frames crumble into submission. I believe I'm a servant to this power of words and thus do you hold me in your hand. What indiscretion is a love affair built by words like so many bricks into a wall? What consumation occurs when two minds make love? I don't have answers I have only questions, and the feelings I choose to call facts. You fill in me a need I didn't even know that I had, and now I can't even imagine living without this which I never thought possible to have. I feel fulfilled on a level that until today laid dormant like some dusty book on a shelf. Like that dusty book I have been read and furthermore understood. The feeling of affinity defies description. So here I am again, just me and my words and so many thoughts to sort out. You make me want to do things that are real, like live and love and write about it all. You make me believe in the power of my words. You have shown me a connectedness I've only seen in my dreams. I'm slowly digesting this elephant bit by bit but all the while all I can think about is brain sex, and how I might have some more.

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  1. sensual intercourse...
    two minds making love...

    I am so turned on right now.