Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where we overlap

You again. I should just rent you a room for all the space you take up in my brain these days. I must admit between you, and me and that herd of elephants, things get a little crowded up there. There is a space though, where you and I overlap, somewhere to the side of all those elephants, where I feel more comfortable than I've ever felt. There is this space where everything that I am is ok. It's like that place Vonnegut described, where everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt. In this space you seem to hear me as I've never been heard, and see me as I've never been seen. I've never before felt so naked, and so secure. It's a strange sensation, being stripped of my walls, defenseless and yet utterly unafraid. I'm free falling in uncharted air and it's exhilerating and intoxicating and utterly inexplicable. There is a calm in the space where we overlap, like the world ceases to spin and there is nothing but you and I and the moment we exist in. There is a peace like there is everything and nothing to say and forever in which to do so. There is this space where we overlap and when our eyes meet the space fills the air around us like nothing was ever meant to exist. Like we are the only man and woman on earth and it makes the heart wish this were so. When I can tip toe around the elephants and rest in that space that we share I feel like everything is going to be ok. In the rest of my world my mind reels, caught in a chaotic rat race. I'm worried about bills and car repairs and productivity at work. I'm stressed about the house and the dog and the trial on Friday. I'm so concerned with demographics and gossip and what's 'right' or 'wrong' it feels I'll never know any peace. And then I settle softly into the concept that this life is a journey and not a destintion. I place myself squarely into the space where each breath brings new life and the possibilities of this moment are infinite. When I'm in the space where we overlap there is no fear, no anxiety, no next week, there is only you and I and the poetry that creates. Tonight I chose to dwell in the peace of the moment, scribbling down these scattered thoughts without a care towards tomorrow. Tonight I chose to rest weary bones in a place where everything is beautiful, and nothing hurts.

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