Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking on sunshine

He asks sweetly, dear do you remember the night we met? And I reply of course my love how could I forget. We walked so smoothly through the time it was as though your heart already knew mine and falling for you was the easiest thing to do. I remember how nervous we were staring across that table both unsure, fidgeting with the glasses before us. I thought you so brave to get up and sing and you thought I was a good sport for listening. You killed the Madonna cover and I couldn't have been prouder. You reached across the table to hold my hand and I wondered to myself how anything could ever be sweeter. I remember when we walked aimlessly unwilling to let the night end and how we ended up on the porch of that vacant house. We were so close to the chaos but lost in our own world. Eloquently speaking of everything and nothing at once, we liked the same songs, we laughed at the same jokes, I edged my way closer to you on those hard cement steps. Every piece of you felt soft and sweet and I thought everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. I longed for your kiss long before it came and when it did it felt so right in your arms I didn't want it to end. But baby what I remember the most is how it felt. My words can never do it justice and i'm sure you'd agree. What we shared that night was indescribably lovely.

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