Friday, October 19, 2012

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt

It felt like everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. At least that's how it felt for me. My head found itself resting on your shoulder, and I felt the almost imperceptible shift of the joint as you put your arm around me. Your hand played gently up and down my back as I considered how nicely I felt our frames fit together. It felt like looking at you standing in the open doorway of your heart, your smile inviting, your eyes penetrating my walls, and me standing naked before you, willing and able to move forward. I heard your voice but couldn't make out all of the words over the wave of peace that washed over me. This is nice is all I could muster but how it felt was like everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. I gazed out across that tranquil lake at the purple mountains rising sturdily from the horizon. The sky was the quintessential sky blue and the air stirred ever so slightly in the space around us. The idyllic scene is completed by the sprinkling of ducks gently disturbing the calm water, and then we share a smile. This is one of those times that is timeless. We could have been there but a few moments, it could have been a few days, nothing could have altered the perfect structure of that experience. It was exactly as it was meant to be painlessly beautiful and perfectly complete.

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