Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We stare at each other across the great divide of privilege and possibility. From a world of equal opportunity and endless possibility you stand before me insisting assuredly that there's a better way to live. This, baby, is all I've known and the rest is just a fairy tale. Here you are like a live prince charming telling me the castle could be mine. I grew up in a world without, where a constant state of wanting became a constant state of being and eventually you just stop asking. Yes baby, I've learned to just get through, to just make do, eventually even hungry doesn't hurt. I've gone to great lengths to learn to live, to do more than just survive, to strive to thrive, to act in this world rather than always react. To make a choice, and have a voice, that's how I found you. I want to live beside you and walk through this life together. I want to grasp at dreams and build bridges to the sky. I've accepted so much so far I've forgotten how to want, but you bring it back to me. You and I together stand before a world of possibility. I'll hold your hand tightly and together we'll learn to be.

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