Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The world didn't end, so we got a Christmas tree instead

I'm stumbling home, trying to traverse the treacherous cobblestone path in my finest hooker heels. My gawd what a day. My job gave me one of those days you're surprised you survived when the clock hits five. I'm exhausted in every possible way, there is so much hurt in this world it's sometimes too much to bear. The end of the day finds me driving his way, with little spirit in my step. I stop at a store for the finishing bit of an awesome gift and gawd what a mistake that was. Of all the reasons I have to hate the holiday season the ugliness it brings out in people must be in the top three. After defying death amidst the cranky Christmas shoppers I've little left to offer. I make it to his house, relieved to find his stress barely precipitable around his eyes. My warrior he is, with his game face on and all I can do is fall into his arms. Shopping for a Christmas tree is the task at hand. The baby's cranky and his dad's weighing the cost of a Christmas tree against the groceries he needs, my heart breaks a little while I wait patiently in the passenger seat.  Christmas tree acquired we make it back to the house to set it up. The lights don't all work and the ornaments need hooks and it feels just like home. I say goodnight and make the long drive home. Safely past the treacherous path I open the door and am greeted by puppy love, my saving grace on a day like today. As I fall into bed all I can think is that they said today was the day the world may end. the world didn't end, we got a Christmas tree instead, and I guess its just as well.

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